Ulster Bank to provide funding to young social innovators in new initiative

The partnership will see Ulster Bank provide funding to YSI, which is a programme that looks to foster social innovation from a young age.

Speaking at the event today Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, said that social innovation now plays a key role in the Irish economy.

There has never been a greater focus on innovation as an important driver of economic progress. Social innovation also has an important role to play in shaping the future of Ireland to be a country that is not only economically prosperous but that is a more inclusive and fairer society to live in.

“By engaging our young people in programmes such as Young Social Innovators we are not only creating more caring and engaged citizens but those with the skills to tackle the very serious issues facing us at local, national and global levels,” the Taoiseach said.

Co-founder of YSI, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, called on companies not to forget their social responsibilities.

“Innovation for its own sake is not enough. We have seen all too often in Ireland and elsewhere innovations which benefit a few but are harmful or are out of reach, to many. We need social innovation to be an integral part of innovation so that we build a more equal, inclusive and sustainable society – that is what social innovation can bring to us.”

Ulster Bank CEO, Paul Stanley, said: “We share a goal with YSI to enable growth through innovation, whether it is support for our business customers or for the communities where we live and work, in what matters to them. The work we do with YSI will strengthen the development of social initiatives that are important to young people and deliver positive change in our country for our citizens.”

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