Health and well-being in the workplace

January is that time of year when most people think about health and fitness for the year ahead. For busy entrepreneurs, as well as employers, well-being in the workplace is of great importance for productivity and a balanced life in general.

On this episode of the Ready Business show, Brian Purcell speaks to Mark O’Reilly of and Dr. Fionnuala McHale of about their approach to health and fitness in business and the workplace.

Mark was a promising young footballer in Australia when he saw the holistic approach gyms were taking to their clients’ needs and decided to give up his soccer dreams to return home to Ireland to pursue his business career with

Utilising app technology, he works with employers such as Primark as well as individual clients to ensure maximum efficiency from their exercise plans which also incorporate diet and nutrition.

With clients such as UFC Champion, Conor McGregor, Fionnuala McHale has been steadily growing her business in recent years, focusing on functional medicine and people’s overall lifestyles – ‘making healthy people healthier’ as she describes it.

For busy business owners and for employers, both Mark and Fionnuala advocate introducing a minimum of three thirty minute ‘movement’ sessions into their own or their employee’s lives each week.

Amongst the #readybusinessadvice questions sent in from SMEs and start-ups, was one asking about the future growth areas in the health and fitness industry in Ireland.

Mark believes that individual and personalised training plans will be key and advises anyone looking to get into health and fitness to focus on this area. Fionnuala believes, that in her line of business, the individual approach to genetic testing will see a lot more development in the future.

A healthy body and mind will ultimately lead to us being happier and more centred people which will see benefits in every aspect of our lives – from business to workplace interaction and family relationships – so start today on getting that work-life balance right.

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