Company secretarial services

  • company formations for private companies including the provision of ready-made companies
  • providing a registered office
  • Share issues and transfers
  • maintenance of statutory books
  • preparation of documents and attendance at board and general meetings
  • preparation of meeting minutes and resolutions
  • provision of company seals
  • acting for overseas companies with a place of business in Ireland
  • dissolution services
  • group re-organisations

Company Formation

We provide a free name check service. Companies can be formed at short notice.

Registered Office

Companies incorporated in the state must have a registered office in the state. We can if required offer a registered office facility to clients.

Share Issues and Transfers

The share certificate is proof of a shareholders entitlement to shares in a company. We can assist in the issue of share certificates or in the transfer of shares.

Statutory Books

Each company is obliged to maintain certain statutory books e.g. share register, register of directors interests etc. We can maintain these statutory books on behalf of the company.

Overseas Companies

We act for a number of overseas companies and can advise on the operation of business through a branch or indeed through a limited company operating in Ireland.