Investment Advice

Nowadays it is more important than ever to get independent financial advice. As authorised investment intermediaries we can provide advice in respect of retirement planning, investing lump sums, using risk profiling to ensure that your investment strategy matches your attitude to risk.

We provide advice on lump sum investments, pensions and life assurance products through a range of pension and life assurance providers.
We endeavour to provide you with the information you need to make your investment decision and to advise on advantages and disadvantages of any choice.
We hold an Investment Business Authorisation Certificate from Chartered Accountants Ireland.


There are significant tax advantages in paying and holding assets in a pension plan i.e. either a personal plan or a company plan. The payments into a plan, subject to Revenue limits, are allowed at the your highest tax rate, for a high rate taxpayer for every €100 subscribed by an individual €41 tax relief is obtained from the Revenue Commissioners. The funds within the plan grow tax free and are not liable to any income tax or capital gains tax. A pension plan can either be paid personally or by a company if you operate through a limited company. They are one of the last remaining methods by which your tax bill can be reduced and we can advise on the appropriate plan depending on your circumstances.

Investing Lump Sums

The dramatic fall in interest rates and increase in the deposit interest retention tax rate makes it very difficult for any investor to get an adequate return on their savings. We can advise on the different options available depending on your attitude to risk etc.

Risk Profile

As part of providing advice to any of our clients in regard to pensions or investing lump sums we carry out a risk profile assessment. This profiling assists in determining the clients attitude to risk and we can then set out the investment options that match the clients risk category.

Investment Strategy

The client’s risk profile will in many cases determine their investment strategy. In broad terms the investments available to individuals are either bank/post office deposits, corporate bonds, equities and property investment. It is important that the client should hold a spread of investments to ensure that their investment strategy is broadly based.

Life Assurance/Income Protection/Critical Illness

We act for a number of companies in this regard and can offer competitive quotes in regard to life assurance, income protection, and critical illness.