Accounts Preparation

All businesses need to prepare accounts on either an annual or a monthly basis. As an established firm of chartered accountants we offer a practical service be it for your tax return, loan application or management accounting purposes. Regular preparation of accounts and analysis of the results thereof is a key feature in assisting clients to grow their business.


We are authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland to audit limited companies in the Republic of Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Statutory audit can be extended to include risk assessment, systems audit, IT review etc. We can follow up as well as carrying out the statutory function we endeavour to add value to all of our audits in making recommendations for improvements to accounting systems and to provide better quality management information.


Compliance with VAT regulations is a huge part of any business and we can assist with either compliance work or advice on the VAT implications of particular transactions e.g. acquisition and disposal of property, purchase and sale of businesses and the importing and exporting of goods.


The impact of taxation on any businesses cash flow cannot be underestimated. Keeping the tax expense to a minimum and ensuring that the business is compliant are essential to the success of all businesses. Our services cover compliance and also tax planning to ensure that all transactions are carried out in the most tax efficient manner. We can advise on personal tax, corporate tax and capital taxes. For complex tax problems we have access to the best consultants available.